What’s your role? PPE and 4Me Teen Health Project facilitator Yasheika Allen

YasheikaYasheika Allen served as a Preconception Peer Educator and facilitator for the 4Me Teen Health Project. She is a recent graduate of the University of North Florida. She shares her role in preventing infant mortality:

Yasheika began in 2010 as a Preconception Peer Educator, a program that enlists college students as peer educators not only on college campuses but also in the community at large. She also participated in the Jacksonville Infant Mortality Alliance.

“I believe my role as a preconception peer educator is to increase, promote, and raise awareness about Infant Mortality to all women and men. Especially to populations that are at a higher risk, such as African American women.


She continued her role as an educator when she become a facilitator for the 4Me Teen Health Project, a program for adolescents that provides comprehensive sex education and youth leadership opportunities, in addition to working with parents on communication skills.

“I believe my role as a Teen Health Project facilitator is to emphasize the portion of the curriculum that discusses having a life plan as well as the development of goals. If my job is done correctly, teens will walk away knowing how to make informed decisions about their health as well as the available resources available to help them make informed decision about and for their health.”

Yasheika facilitated two series of the 4Me Teen Health Project before becoming the facilitator for the pilot 4Me Teen Health Project.

“I believe my role as the Teen Ambassador coordinator is to allow the ambassadors to be advocates/ educators in their community. “