National Health Corps Florida

National Health Corps (NHC) Florida provides service opportunities to help fulfill unmet health care and health education needs in the region. NHC Florida is one of several sites under the umbrella of the National Health Corps, an AmeriCorps  program that recruits, trains, and places paid volunteers in resource-limited organizations called “host sites.”

NHC Florida is currently seeking both members and host sites for the 2024-25 cohort. Learn more about current opportunities .

NHC’s members help build healthy communities by providing essential health education and access services to individuals throughout the U.S. A key priority for the NHC program is to eliminate health disparities.

Members provide two main services:

1. Support empowerment in youth and adults to make choices about their health and lead healthier lives.

2. Foster NHC members’ skills related to professional development, commitment to health-related careers, ethic of service, and reducing health disparities and structural oppression.

3. ​Support organizations that aim to reduce disparities and structural oppression, and improve health outcomes in communities.

The NHC Florida program first launched in 2004 with support from local community agencies, including the NEFHSC whose administered the program since 2005. The program has previously been managed by the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida and the Duval County Health Department Maternal & Child Health Division.

NHC Florida members serve 46 weeks in health care or public health settings throughout the First Coast, fulfilling unmet health care needs and decreasing disparities. The members live and serve primarily in Jacksonville, Fla. Host sites and services are located in Jacksonville and adjacent counties.