Azalea Rose Project


The Azalea Rose Project was rebranded in 2023, combining two initiatives serving women with current or a history of substance use (The Azalea Project and The ROSE Project). The program is located in Azalea’s long-time home in the Springfield neighborhood, where residents in need can access baby items, condoms and more from a storefront location.

Services include:
• Outreach
• Linkage to home visiting programs
• Referrals
• Peer recovery services
• Linkage to treatment
• Group classes and education, including women’s empowerment

Services are available to preconception, prenatal and parenting women who are actively using substances or in recovery.

The Azalea Rose Project works to break the cycle of substance use and prevent substance-exposed newborns across the lifespan using primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies to ensure that all babies have healthy birth outcomes and live to see their first birthday. The Azalea Project launched in 2002 with a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and includes a variety of initiatives that serve women experiencing substance use.

To refer a mom to services, click here.

Contact Information

Sandra Gates
Azalea Rose Project
157 E. 8th Street, Suite 119
Jacksonville, Florida 32206
Office: 904.359.2520 x302
Fax: 904.359.2525