What’s your role? Board member Linda Asay

DSC_2717Linda Asay, JD, is a long-time member and former Chair of the Healthy Start Coalition Board of Directors. She is a community volunteer. She shares her role in preventing infant mortality:

Linda Asay recalls the sad stories she heard in her work before joining the Coalition Board of Directors — how the lack of basic education on maternal and child health practices and mental health impacted families.

She joined the Board because of this interest in maternal and child health. She was a long-time Board member with INMED Partnerships for Children, an international humanitarian organization. She was also a state child welfare attorney.

NIMAM_LOGO_FINALShe served as Board Secretary for  several years and led the Coalition as  Board Chair from 2011-2012. She has provided instrumental support throughout the years for advocacy and fundraising efforts. A Nassau County/Amelia Island resident, Ms. Asay retired from Tulane University. She was awarded the 2014 Philip Gilbert Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

The biggest success she has seen during her time as a Board member is the reduction in infant mortality and the expansion of fatherhood programs.