SIDS prevention organizations band together to promote safe sleep in advertisements

Three years ago, Cribs for Kids, a national infant safe sleep initiative created a petition in response to the number of advertisements featuring babies in unsafe sleep positions.

The petition, still active today, targets large advertising oversight agencies in hopes to educate advertisers on the importance of depicting a baby in a safe sleep environment and to promote safe sleep.

SIDS and other sleep-related deaths are a leading cause of post-neonatal mortality in Northeast Florida.

In 2007, the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition in collaboration with community partners launched an awareness and education campaign called the Safe Sleep Partnership to reduce the number of sleep-related deaths in the area.

Cribs for Kids provides educational material on safe sleep and portable cribs to families that cannot afford a safe place for their baby to sleep. There are two chapters of Cribs for Kids in North Florida, the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of North Florida and Healthy Families St. Johns. For more information on Cribs for Kids visit the website here.