National Nurses Week: Pam Vicars, RN

In honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), join us in celebrating the many wonderful and invaluable nurses who work with and impact our programs!

Pam VicarsMeet Pam

Pam Vicars is one of the many nurses who works with mothers and babies in the community to make sure every baby has a healthy start and celebrates their first birthday. Her supervisors at the Florida Department of Health share below what makes Pam such a great Healthy Start nurse!

  • Name: Pam Vicars
  • Title: Senior Registered Nurse
  • Organization: Florida Department of Health — Duval County

Pam Vicars is a Senior Registered Nurse who came to the Florida Department of Health Duval, Healthy Start Program in December 2013. Pam obtained her Associates degree in Nursing from Florida State College of Jacksonville in 1992. A Jacksonville native, Pam is the oldest of three children. She grew up and received all of her education in Jacksonville. Her love of music was influenced by her mother. She plays the piano, gardens and exercise. She has six grandchildren.

Pam’s workday consists of making lots of home visits to see infants and moms. Her devotion is obvious as Pam always sees more participants than expected.  Pam educates her participants about pregnancy, healthy behaviors, newborn development and safe sleep, for example. She assures new moms about what to expect in pregnancy and helps participants access resources in the community. “Not many do what we do,” Pam states.

Pam said that she ‘feels privileged’ to have been selected for her current position and to learn all about maternal and child health.  However, because her background is so diverse-ICU nursing, cardiac care, hospice and psychiatric, we feel honored that Pam chose the health department as well.

Pam states that she sees ‘nursing as a gift’ and she believes that ‘staying positive’ is so essential to everyday living. Pam has faced some challenges in her life head on, and sees this as helping her in her work with others. Faith is an important part of her life and anyone who comes in contact with her can immediately sense that she has a calming presence. New staff who have shadowed Pam have spoken highly of her skills. Lastly, Pam said that she loves helping others and feels like she is making a difference in public health role.

Well done, Pam!