Meet our staff: Tiffany Knight

Tiffany Knight is the Azalea Project and Program Performance Director with the Coalition. She joined the agency in June 2019 and oversees one of the Coalition’s longstanding initiatives, Azalea, while also working closely with the Healthy Start providers and Contracts and QI Committee.

Tiffany joined the Coalition to continue her work serving high-risk populations and expand her efforts from teens to include pregnant moms and their children, helping to build a strong family foundation. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with the awesome Healthy Start Providers each day and believes the partnership they have built has strengthened the services provided to families in each county.

“Working with children of all ages fills my heart with joy,” Tiffany said. “I am constantly inspired by their honestly, creativity, resilience, and endless energy.”

Tiffany describes herself in one sentence as an enthusiastic mom of three who loves an adventure, opportunities to be creative and throwing kindness around like it’s confetti. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her kids, traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. She has visited 15 countries and can’t wait to see where the next journey takes her.