Mayo Clinic Vitamin D screening seminar held for Magnolia, Azalea participants

The Mayo Clinic conducted a Vitamin D education and screening activity this spring  for the Azalea and Magnolia project participants and community residents. During the April 20th seminar, a Mayo physician discussed the importance of Vitamin D and Vitamin D screenings and assessments were provided. Participants received their results 30 days after the screening.

Coalition Board member Rev. Alton Coles was instrumental in bringing the Mayo Clinic to the community for the event. Studies show that Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining good health. However, low Vitamin D levels have been associated with not only joint pain and osteoporosis, but also chronic diseases, such as heart disease and certain cancers.

African Americans are more susceptible to low Vitamin D levels because of the melanin in the skin. The main source of Vitamin D is sunlight and because melanin is the body’s natural sunscreen, the more melanin in a person’s skin, the more difficult it is for Vitamin D to be absorbed in the system. Mayo Clinic wants to understand the prevalence of low Vitamin D levels in African Americans in the Mayo community.

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