Maternal, child, father-focused action steps part of Clinton Health Matters Initiative Blueprint

The Clinton Health Matters Initiative unveiled their blueprint this week, the result a planning meeting that identified key strategies and action steps to improve the health of Northeast Florida.

The Initiative launched in Northeast Florida, its fourth community, in the fall and held an initial planning meeting in December with work groups focused on specific areas. The purpose of the initiative is to improve the health and well-being of all people by activating individuals, communities and organizations to make meaningful contributions to the health of others. The initiative uses the social determinants of health to drive its work.

Nine subgroups developed strategies: sexual activity; clinical care — access to care and quality of life; family and social support; employment, education and income; healthy eating and food quality; community safety; Substance abuse and tobacco and alcohol use; environmental quality and built environment; and physical activity

Many of the action steps and indicators tie into the work the Coalition does to improve the health of women, children and families in the region and reduce poor birth outcomes. Life course indicators, community issues and health and wellbeing of mothers and fathers has a large impact on infant mortality, premature birth and other indicators of poor outcomes.

Action steps and indicators that directly impact maternal and child health include:

  • Sexual Activity. Action Step: Identify or establish comprehensive teen health clinics in the five Northeast Florida counties.
  • Sexual Activity. Indicator of Success: At least one teen health clinic in each of the five counties has a teen specific environment and teen-sensitive services.
  • Sexual Activity. Action Step: Promote comprehensive health education for incarcerated youth.
  • Sexual Activity. Indicator of Success: 80 percent of youth in juvenile facilities will receive comprehensive health education
  • Community Safety. Action Step: Increase prevention programs to reduce youth crime and youth violence
  • Community Safety. Indicator of Success: Effective youth crime prevention programs are identified and expanded throughout the region.
  • Education, Employment and Income. Action Step: Support education and employment for young black men to accomplish economic self-sufficiency.
  • Education, Employment and Income. Indicator of Success. Increase the graduation rate among black males in Northeast Florida.