Magnolia Project Institutes Combined Care Model

The Magnolia Project recently began offering prenatal care through a new model design incorporating both individual and group care. Prenatal group education, which offers a supportive group atmosphere, peer communication with other expectant parents and additional time with their healt providers, is now given in concert with regularly scheduled prenatal check ups.

Pregnant women and their partners are placed in groups based on their delivery month. Group sessions focus on the pregnancy and preparing for birth as well as general health and well being of the parents. Prenatal group sessions meet seven times during the pregnancy. The Magnolia prenatal model was developed using a combination of material including the Beginnings Pregnancy Guide, Moms and Babies from the Department of Health, and the Group Care Prenatal Model.

Sessions are held during specific periods during a pregnancy with correlating topic:

  • Session 1 (16-20 Weeks) – Having a Health Baby: It Starts with Commitment
  • Session 2 (20-24 Weeks) – The Importance of Good Prenatal Care
  • Session 3 (26-30 Weeks) – Avoiding Problems During Pregnancy
  • Session 4 (29-33 Weeks) – Childbirth Education and Preparing for Labor
  • Session 5 (33-36 Weeks) – Labor and Delivery
  • Session 6 (36-38 Weeks) – Preparing to Bring Baby Home and Baby Care
  • Session 7 (38-40 Weeks) – Preparing to go to the Hospital and Postpartum Health