Magnolia holds first Women Enlightening Women support group

In April, the Magnolia Project Case Management Team and participants held the first of two Women Enlightening Women Support Groups. The group is held once every six months to measure participants progress and celebrate their accomplishments. Participants shared how their lives have improved or changed as a result of their participation and expressed their gratitude to the Case Managers.

One activity they participated in over the last six months was the making of a Vision Book, which they shared during the Group. The books were a vision of how they saw themselves, their lives and the goals they are working toward.

All participants are active in weekly support group sessions. All groups are based on the Life Course Achievement Curriculum. With the assistance of their Case Manger, participants develop a Life Course Plan based on goals they want to reach in the areas of health, family & community and poverty. Each month, participants and Case Managers record the progress and participants can see where they have made the most progress and which goals need more attention. This gives them more motivation and ownership in improving their lives.