Jacksonville Infant Mortality Alliance launches, focuses on preconception health

The Jacksonville Infant Mortality Alliance held its first meeting on October 12. The Alliance is a collaboration between Preconception Peer Educators, community agencies and the Healthy Start Coalition that was launched following a workshop held by the federal Office of Minority Health in September.

The Alliance members reviewed preliminary data about infant mortality rates in Duval County and the proposed plan from the September Preconception Peer Educator (PPE) workshop.

Alliance members agreed on the following two objectives:

  • Increase awareness of infant mortality rates.
  • Increase access and quality of preconception health services and institutionalize preconception health in clinical practice for women of childbearing age and sexually active men.

Alliance members brainstormed possible activities for each objective. There was a consensus among members that the activities must be fun and relatable to their peers, youth, and community. Members may be able to take advantage of upcoming opportunities, including the BrdsNBz text message program, a text message warm line for teens that have questions about sex, which is a new component of the Teen Health Project; the CDC’s new campaign, Show Your Love, which focuses on preconception health; and a new city-wide community resource directory for teens and parents.

Alliance members will be able to distribute marketing material about both campaigns to their peers, youth, and community. More information about these opportunities will be discussed in further detail at the next meeting, which is scheduled for Friday, November 9, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. at Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition.