InsideOut Dad classes expand to Nassau County

Fathers in the Nassau County Jail will now have access to fatherhood classes as part of the Coalition’s expansion of a program designed specifically for incarcerated men, InsideOut Dad. Classes began May 21 and will be continuous.

InsideOut Dad is a unique set of fatherhood modules that include 12 core sessions along with 26 optional sessions to allow the curriculum to be tailored to fit the unique needs of fathers in specific correctional facility or setting. Ultimately, the goal of the curriculum is to increase the proportion of children growing up and the mother of their children with involved, responsible and committed fathers. The evidence-based program was developed by the National Fatherhood Initiative.

The Coalition began InsideOut Dad classes in the Baker County Jail in July 2012.  Eleven fathers participated in the first series of classes, and at least 17 have taken part in the latest series at the facility that concludes in July.