Following FIMR recommendations, CAT takes action

Each October when the Fetal & Infant Mortality Review findings and recommendations are released, the Community Action Team (CAT) takes them back to the community to initiate dialogue, impact behaviors and reduce poor birth outcomes. 

The CAT’s most recent activities include:

  • Utilizing the Life Course game, developed by City MatCH, to engage community members and discuss behavior change. More than 157 people have played the game at local agencies, housing communities and homeless shelters.
  • Implementing an anti-smoking campaign in Health Zone 1. They held a logo contest aimed at educating the community about the dangers of smoking during pregnancy. The winning logo will be featured on printed materials and promotional items to be distributed in the community.

The CAT has begun developing activities for 2012-2013. Team members will continue to play the Life Course game and will start distributing promotional items with the smoking campaign logo. The Team also plans to utilize social media, including Facebook and YouTube, to educate the community.

In line with the new recommendation to focus on safe sex, STDs and family planning, the CAT will develop and implement family planning education strategies.