FAIMH 12th Annual Conference and the 2013 Early Childhood Conference to take place in June

The Florida Association for Infant Mental Health’s 12th Annual Conference June 12 in Tampa will highlight the topic, Trauma & Toxic Stress. Following the FAIMH conference is the 2013 Early Childhood Conference June 13-14, also in Tampa.

The FAIMH conference will feature two keynote speakers:

  • Neil W. Boris, M.D.,  a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Central Florida and the Chief of Behavioral Health at Nemours Hospital will cover the topic, “Breaking the Cycle: Trauma, Attachment and Intervention.”
  • Patricia M. Crittenden, M.Ed, Ph.D. the author of Attachment and Family Systems Therapy will give her speech titled, “Smiles and Kisses: Repairing Mother-Infant Breaches.”

There will also be break-out sessions during the afternoon of the FAIMH conference that will address Early Steps & Infant Mental Health Partnerships, Child Welfare & “Baby Court Programs”, Home Visiting Programs and Early Learning Coalitions & Infant Mental Health Partnerships.

To register for the FAIMH conference visit the FAIMH website here.

The 2013 Early Childhood Conference’s featured speakers will be authors Robin Karr-Morse (Ghosts in the Nursery: The Roots of Violence, ScaredSick: The Role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Disease) and Myra McPherson (Bare Bones of Discipline).

The conference’s workshop themes are Early Care & Education, Maternal & Child Health, Health & Nutrition, Infant Mental Health and Evidence-based Practice.

To register for the 2013 Early Childhood Conference visit the Early Childhood Council of Hillsborough County, Inc. website.