Contraceptive initiative underway at Magnolia Project

The Magnolia Project has launched an initiative to help familiarize participants with Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) methods. The Project is exploring offering contraceptive counseling as a stand alone intervention that focuses on the most effective to the least effective contraceptive method, including utilizing a video that was developed specifically for use in case management.

Many Magnolia Project participants are unfamiliar with the most common LARC methods that are available. Participants may not be aware of the most effective methods of contraception, the IUDs and implant, and have limited knowledge regarding the advantages and disadvantages of contraceptive methods.

Currently at Magnolia, the health education initial session includes several topics: sexually transmitted diseases and other infections, substance use, family planning, safe sex and douching, preterm labor, nutrition, depression and more. Contraceptive counseling is currently provided as one of several topics covered in the initial health education session.

The Project is exploring utilizing and adapting contraceptive counseling materials developed by the Contraceptive Choice Project, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO. Each contraceptive counseling session is delivered through a repetitive learning process. As a starting point in marketing LARC at Magnolia, the Magnolia Project developed a contraceptive counseling video modeled after the Choice Project, in addition to utilizing counseling scripts also developed by the Choices Project.

JVision Pictures filmed the video one day on site at the Magnolia Project to capture women delivering information about contraceptive methods. The video was developed into an individual counseling session that lasts for 20 – 30 minutes. Project participants gave the video a 96 percent approval rating. The video is reflective of the population serviced at the Project and gives women a choice as they contemplate their contraceptive method decision.

Moving forward, the Project will identify possible threats in successful marketing LARC methods such as; participants’ myths, fears and insurance barriers and determine the most effective manner to deliver contraceptive counseling and health education.

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