Connect Highlight: Helping through language barriers

“Connect”ing families to care: Connect is a one-stop entry point for home visiting services for moms and babies. Connect utilizes the universal prenatal and infant screens and referrals to streamline access to community services and supports that best meet families’ needs. Read below how Connect has helped families in Northeast Florida.

Connect AmeriCorps member Sabrina Lee first connected with client Deglis in September, when she completed an initial intake with her. Deglis, who only speaks Spanish, shared her challenges with making ends meet and navigating the Medicaid application process.

Although her role with Deglis was finished after completing her intake, Sabrina utilized her bilingual skills to continue to help her with any challenges she came across. Sabrina walked her through her Medicaid application challenges, linked her with donated baby supplies and helped her tackle any roadblocks to ensure she had the knowledge and items needed for the baby.

When Deglis came to the office one day to pick up the baby items, she had tears in her eyes as she thanked Sabrina for her kindness and understanding. Throughout these months of staying in contact with Deglis, Sabrina reports that she has been blessed with the opportunity of building a beautiful connection. She continues to hear from Deglis with questions, concerns, updates or just greetings – and now shares pictures of her new baby boy!