CAT takes action from FIMR recommendations

CAT members introduce themselves at the Coalition meeting

The Northeast Florida Community Action Team implements and develops street-level outreach activities to educate families based on the annual Fetal and Infant Mortality Review recommendations. CAT members announced their current activities following the FIMR presentation at the October 17 Coalition meeting.

See their presentation here.

This year, the Team will be implementing the second phase of an anti-smoking campaign based on the recommendation to address smoking as a major risk factor impacting birth outcomes. The first phase was a logo design contest with adolescents. Phase two will include an anti-smoking video contest on social media, including the CAT Facebook page.

Other activities include adding a component for men to the Magnolia Project and STD and family planning services.

Past CAT activities include conducting focus groups, developing a “For Grandma’s Eyes Only” brochure, conducting outreach on safe sex at night clubs and promoting utilization of the 1-866-U-R-WOMAN line to access health services. The Team has also taken the CityMatCH Life Course game to the community, playing it with teens, young adults, counselors, social services staff and more to help them understand the social determinants of health.