Baby Steps to preconception health

The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida in partnership with the Florida Department of Health has launched a new preconception health media campaign, Baby Steps.

Baby Steps encourages women to plan for a healthy pregnancy by taking better care of themselves before they become pregnant. The campaign promotes maintaining a healthy weight, taking a multi-vitamin with folic acid daily and receiving medical and dental check-ups prior to becoming pregnant.

Because 49 percent of pregnancies in the United States are not planned, it is important for every woman to be in good preconception health, whether or not they plan to have a baby.

Baby Steps is one of several new preconception health initiatives springing up across the country, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national Show Your Love campaign.

Show Your Love also works to raise awareness of the importance of a woman’s health before she becomes pregnant. The campaign, which began on Valentine’s Day and will run through Mother’s Day, promotes preconception health behaviors and goals such as eating healthier, becoming active, being up-to-date on vaccinations and managing stress.