For Families

Everyone in a family plays a role in preventing infant mortality and raising happy, healthy children.

Fathers influence the health of infants and their development across the life course but they are often overlooked in early supports and services provided to pregnant and parenting women.  A father’s presence helps children build confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness and their voice. His presence also aids scholastic achievement, protects against drug experimentation and teen pregnancy, and positions children to become productive citizens.

The 4Me Teen Health Project empowers teens to take control of their sexual health. Youth are provided tools for having safe sex or maintaining abstinence, goal-setting, negotiation skills, leadership skills and life skills to help them lead productive, healthy lives.

Northeast Florida has a significant population of uninsured children, high utilization rates of emergency room use and poor child health outcomes. Florida KidCare is a low-cost option for health insurance. The Coalition works with community partners to to help children in the region access care.