Tania V.

Every day presents a new parenting challenge for Tania and her partner of more than13 years, Kevin Kaiser. Tania had just turned 19 years old when she became pregnant with her first child. Young and inexperienced, she didn’t know what to expect as a mother-to-be.

Tania and Kevin struggled with the responsibilities of a baby just like any new parents. How much do they eat? What should they eat? When should they eat? They both recalled wishing they had the help of the Clay County Health Department’s Healthy Start program with the first pregnancy as they have had with the last three pregnancies.

Today, thanks to the program, Tania and Kevin are the parents of four healthy children. She credits the Clay County Healthy Start program with giving her resources to not only help her through each pregnancy and what to expect the first year of her children’s lives, but to also get toys, food and clothing for her children. The program even helped Tania find a home. Trish Hoffman, Tania’s Healthy Start mentioned the possibility a Clay County Habitat for Humanity home. In 2009, while pregnant with her last child, Tania was approved for the Habitat home.

Although the kids have gotten older and they are no longer in the Healthy Start program, Trish hasn’t stopped checking in on Tania and her family.

“We’ll get a phone call every once and a while,” said Kevin. “Just her calling, it’s a nice thing, it’s personable.”