Juanita M.

Juanita Marshall’s pregnancy came at a time in her life when she knew she was going to need some help. Help came to her in the form of Duval County Healthy Department Healthy Start case manager Tina Johnson.

“Tina just reached out to me and took me. Just like that, I went from being alone and hopeless, to having answers,” Juanita said. “Tina and Healthy Start gave me the confidence I didn’t have.”

After her daughter Joh’nya was born, Tina came by their home every week to check on the newborn and the new mother. If there was a doctor visit, Tina was there, providing a ride.

“She taught me to breastfeed. She taught me how to hold my baby,” Juanita said. “And I knew that if I needed to talk to someone, I could talk to Tina or anyone at the office and never have to worry about being judged. “

Juanita has a good job now and is able to support herself and Joh’nya without assistance. She and Tina are still friends and talk all the time. Joh’nya is a healthy, active 3 year old.