Ashley M.

When Ashley McLean found out she was pregnant with her second child, Cole, it was a surprise. But she knew where to find help. She had already been through the Healthy Start program with her daughter Tyler, now three years old.

“It was my second high-risk pregnancy, so I was not prepared for any of this so I met with Sue Murphy, who was the one of so many who supported me during my first pregnancy,” Ashley said. She received Healthy Start services through the Baker County Health Department’s Healthy Start program.

At the time, Ashley had nothing. No crib, no clothes, none of the things an expectant mother and newborn need.

But she did have a friend at Healthy Start: Sue Murphy, who was her case worker during the pregnancy and birth of her daughter Tyler.

“Everyone is awesome over there. I love them all,” Ashley said. “But Sue has just gone way beyond what I thought anyone would do. She picked me up and took me to meetings when I didn’t have a car. “

Ashley is happy to report that her family of four is thriving, the children are healthy and things are good.

“I almost gave my son Cole up for adoption. If it wasn’t for the love and help I received, who knows,” Ashley said. “I might not have him to hold and take care of.”