Women’s Center of Jacksonville involves Azalea participants through a new community focus

For three years the Women’s Centers of Jacksonville primarily offered violence prevention training to Jacksonville University students only. With a newer community focus, the Women’s Center of Jacksonville has now partnered with the Coalition’s Azalea Healthy Start program to offer additional training opportunities.

Green Dot is a violence prevention program that seeks to promote safety and reduce sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking and other forms of power-based personal violence. Green Dot offers a free, one-hour workshop that focuses on bystander behaviors and shares what everyone can do in their daily lives to help reduce violence within our communities.

The “Healthy Relationships” workshop is a discussion on what healthy relationships look like and the warning signs for unhealthy relationships. It is designed to empower participants to treat themselves and others with the respect needed to cultivate happy and healthy relationships. Moms learn to protect themselves, their babies and friends from unhealthy relationships, violence and abuse with the provided information.

Both trainings are to be offered at the Azalea Project location and Inspire to Rise. Contact Franchescka at 904.770.5103 to participate and/or learn more. Azalea Project Healthy Start provides outreach, education and support services to substance-using pregnant women. It focuses on substance-involved families whose lifestyle increases their chances of experiencing many health and social risks, including unsafe sex (STIs⁄HIV), unwanted childbearing, poor school performance, poverty, infant mortality, abuse and neglect and involvement with the criminal justice system.

We appreciate this partnership between the Azalea Project and the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. If anybody is interested in scheduling a workshop or has any questions, we encourage them to contact Jeni Kolb at jkolb@womenscenterofjax.org.