Responsible Fatherhood program partners with Department of Revenue

Training on responsible fatherhood and a mother’s role in the father-child relationship is now available to men and women through a new partnership with the Department of Revenue’s (DOR) Child Support Enforcement Department.

The training is arranged through the DOR’s Bringing Relief, Education and Assets to Children and their Household Project (BREACH). Case managers will be assigned to men and women who have been idenitified by the state for not paying their child support payments or being in arrearage. They will assist them with job training, financial management courses, payment modification, delayed child support enforcement action, a matched savings plan for business/school/home ownership goals for qualified participants and the Coalition’s Responsible Fatherhood and Mom as Gateway programs.

Starting May 24 the 24/7 Responsible Fatherhood training will be available to men who are court ordered or volunteer for the project every Tuesday, 9:00am – 11:00am at the Department of Revenue and Thursdays for the men who work during the day, at the Azalea Project . The Child Support Enforcement case managers will receive training on the implementation of the Mom as Gateway curriculum. While the Mom as Gateway piece is not mandatory; those who choose not to participate will have child support enforcement actions begin immediately.