Reproductive and sexual health awareness

It’s February – love and romance are in the air. These feelings can cause much more than butterflies and fuzziness, they can lead to sexually transmitted disease or unintended pregnancy. Both prevent the outcomes of healthy babies and cause individuals across all ages to have unhealthy lives.

The lack of necessary education, income, health insurance and access to quality medical care associated with higher rates of infections, diseases, infertility and unintended pregnancies.

Healthy People 2020 tackles important health issues that are easily preventable with awareness and access to care, such as reproductive and sexual health. Almost two million unintended pregnancies each year are prevented by just going to the doctor. When the rates of unexpected pregnancies and STDS go down, the amount of people with higher education goes up increasing the ability to make and save more money.

Reproductive and sexual health services boost the quality of life for children, women and men.

Seeing a doctor for reproductive and sexual health services means access to prescribed birth control, screenings for cancers, nutritional counseling, physical activity recommendations and so much more.

The more people who are aware of their health, the more babies are born with a healthy start.