Rally against proposed health care cuts Thursday at Shands

A rally is planned for Thursday April 28 at Shands Jacksonville called “Don’t Balance the Budget by Slashing My Health Care!”

The rally was organized in response to the state Senate and House proposed budget cuts to health care. The rally will be at 11 am at Shands, 655 W. 8th St., Jacksonville, FL.

The proposed cuts include:


  • Cuts $230 million from the Medically Needy program
  • Cuts $180 million in mental health care
  • Eliminates $224 million Medicaid program for the elderly and disabled
  • Moves Medicaid patients into HMOs or managed care plan
  • Eliminates Medicaid for the Aged and Disabled
  • Cuts of $60 million in state aid to Shands Hospital


  • Moves the Medically Needy into HMOs
  • Proposes to move the developmentally disabled into managed care or HMOs during a five-year period