Postpartum Visits — More than just a photo-op

Folic Acid

Making the postpartum visit more than a photo-op is as easy as A-B-C, according to Dr. Jeanne Conry, Kaiser Permanente OB and California ACOG chair.

Dr. Conry highlighted steps her group has taken to improve interconceptional health care for women starting with the postpartum visit during a webinar sponsored by Everywoman Southeast. The new California Interconception Care Project toolkit offers postpartum visit protocols for mitigating 10 common pregnancy diagnoses that can reduce the chances of a future poor birth outcome.

The initiative urges health care providers to reinforce the A-B-Cs of interconceptional care in all postpartum interactions: Folic Acid, Breastfeeding and Contraception!Postpartum visits are often a missed opportunity to improve women’s health between pregnancies. Only half of women on Medicaid return for a check-up following delivery. Consumer materials from California and North Carolina promoting the postpartum visit are available for download at the Everywoman Southeast website.