Outspok’n site for Baker County teens, parents launches

Baker County kids and teens have a new person to reach out to with health questions: not mom, dad or a sibling, but Aunt Cathy. While Aunt Cathy is not an actual member of their family, she is one of the features on the newly launched Outspok’n Web site aimed at providing youth in the county with information about how to be safe and healthy.

Outspok’n has separate sections for kids, teens and parents with age-appropriate information about fitness and nutrition, staying safe, youth development and other health topics.

The Teen section covers relevant topics like STDs, eating disorders and drugs and alcohol. The topics include referrals for more information and local statistics — like the fact that 24.9 percent of Baker County high school students are cigarette smokers, as compared to 17.2 percent nationally.

Kids and teens can participate through forums and a blog — or the Ask Aunt Cathy feature, which allows for the submission of anonymous questions.

Visit the Web site at http://www.outspokn.com or the Facebook page.