Outreach Childbirth Educator training available

An Outreach Childbirth Educator training is available from August 19 to October 7. The 48-hour training is the first step toward becoming a certified outreach childbirth educator through the State of Florida and the Florida Outreach Childbirth Educator Program.

The training costs $285 and will be held at the Healthy Start Coalition. Complete the registration form and submit payment by August 12 to reserve a spot.

After registration, a packet of material which will include recommended readings will be provided prior to the first session so that participants have an opportunity to get started with the learning process.


  • 8/19/11 Friday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 8/26/11 Friday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 9/02/11 Friday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 9/09/11 Friday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 9/16/11 Friday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 9/23/11 Friday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 9/29/11 Thursday 9:00a – 4:00p
  • 10/07/11* Friday 9:00a – 4:00p

*If necessary

The goals of the training are:

  • To acquaint future childbirth educators with strategies designed to encourage completion of basic education and improved literacy skills among clients who currently have low literacy levels.
  • To introduce the learner to the scope of childbirth education and the role of the childbirth educator.
  • To enable participants to facilitate learning among adults who frequently do not seek out structured educational experiences.
  • To provide individuals from a variety of backgrounds with a common knowledge base in pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn, the postpartum period, and parenting.