New webinar series available: The Impact of Trauma on Women and Girls Across the Lifespan

 A webinar on “The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experience on Adults” will be available July 20 at 2 pm, featuring Vincent Felitti, MD, principal investigator at the Adverse Childhood Experience Study.

The goal is the webinar is to have participants:

  • Express an understanding that adverse childhood experiences are surprisingly common although typically concealed and unrecognized
  • Recognize that adverse childhood experiences still have a profound effect 50 years later, although now transformed from psychosocial experience into organic disease and mental illness
  • Recognize adverse childhood experience as one of the main determinants of health and social well-being of the nation.

The webinar is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health – Region V.

Register here.