New Bedsider site brings bedroom conversations to the web

Pillow talk is no longer relegated to the bed — instead a new Web site is going viral with an old topic: Birth control.

Which method fits my needs? The pill? The shot? The patch? Where to get it? When to take it? unlocks the mysteries of the elusive topic that teens and young adults alike are trying to grapple with.

The site was launched in November 2011 by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, in reponse to studies that show 18-29 year olds know they should use birth control — but aren’t.

The Fog Zone, a report from the National Campaign, found the following information about 20-somethings:

  • Despite vocalizing the importance to avoid pregnancy, more unmarried young adults do not use contraception every time they have sex.
  • Many were unfamiliar with common forms of birth control.
  • There’s a significant distrust — many think birth control does not work.

Bedsider allows visitors to explore different methods of birth control — and determine which one best fits their needs. It also includes a search feature to find clinics and health centers that offer birth control and an e-mail or text system to remind participants to take their birth control.

Real-life users of birth control have videos talking about the good and bad of their particular method, while physicians talk fact or fiction: