National Health Corps Florida members complete their 2018-2019 term

The 2018-2019 class of National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps members were recognized on July 15 for their achievements in enhancing the communities they served through assisting with education, housing, food, clean environments and access to quality, affordable health care.

Twenty-two members committed to the 46-week, 1,700-hour term totaling 34,862 hours of service amongst the group.

At the ceremony, Program Director Dustin Arceneaux recognized member achievements through giving out “Dusties” – awards for the members based off their unique personalities and passions.

Members Kaitlyn Gallagher, Maggie DoValle and Haley Barefoot also reflected on their service terms and how National Health Corps Florida has prepared them for their future paths both professionally and personally. Many students are pursuing Master of Public Health degrees, medical school and full-time careers. 

In closing,  the members shared a video they made thanking each host site and the team members that helped enhance their service term. 

The 2018-2019 host sites were: