Meet our staff: Pamela Vicars, RN

Pamela Vicars is a Nurse Home Visitor with the Seeking Safety program, a new initiative of the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition. She joined the Coalition in April 2020 . She is inspired by the ability to direct and encourage someone to meet their goals and is most passionate about improving her own health and the health of others around her.

“I wanted to work at Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition to bring desperately needed health education to the community and to improve my city’s outcome,” Pamela said. “I chose Seeking Safety to help direct the improvement of infant mortality and the improvement of women of child bearing age to break away from substance misuse and addiction.”

She describes herself in one word as “detailed-driven.” Her biggest achievement at the Coalition has been to work safely as a team during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Outside of work, her favorite thing to do is to be in nature and enjoy the many variations and functions of animals on this planet. She appreciates that all creatures have the ability to survive and adapt to whatever changes lie ahead.