Meet our staff: Beverly Butler

Beverly Butler is the project director for our NEFL Nurse-Family Partnership and Coordinated Intake & Referral Project. She has a passion for helping others reach their maximum potential and is inspired by people who care for the less fortunate. She joined the Coalition in January 2016 to help give families control over their home visiting destiny. She gains professional enthusiasm from leading Coordinated Intake & Referral, a centralized system that uses the Healthy Start pre- and postnatal screen to assign families to a home visiting program. The goal is for families to receive the best services for their needs as well as to minimize duplication of services, ensure effective use of local resources and collectively track what happens to each family. Leading the project is what Beverly believes is her biggest accomplishment since having worked at the Coalition, although she recently became director of the NEFL Nurse-Family Partnership  program, overseeing the home visiting initiative for first- time mothers in Baker, Clay and Duval counties. Becoming a certified life coach is her biggest accomplishment in general. Outside of work, her favorite activity is spending time with her family and she describes herself in one word as VIVACIOUS!