Magnolia staff participates in Community Health Worker’s Task Force

Magnolia Project staff, participated in a panel discussion at the Community Health Worker’s Task Force Meeting on June 2 in Tallahassee, Florida. The task force was an opportunity for Community Health Workers from around the state to network and strategize to promote policy and system changes to identify, define and expand employment of Community Health Workers.

Marsha Davis, community development coordinator, and Rhonda Johnson, program director, attended the discussion from Magnolia.

Community Health Workers (CHW) are identified by many names: navigators, promoters, outreach workers, etc. they are valuable members of the health care team. This initiative intends to convene strategic partners and interested stakeholders to work with member CHWs to raise awareness, demonstrate research related to their work, create key messages and inform others about their valuable contributions.

The groups that form in this initiative will look to other states as models and may agree on standard basic curriculum, state certification and enlist champions to shape policy for sustainability and applicability of the work.

The initiative is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and overseen by the DOH Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the Governor-appointed Cancer Control and Research Advisory Council (CCRAB). The Task Force has been meeting by conference call

since November 2010 and had its first face to face meeting this month.