Leadership Academy Spring 2018 graduates collect donations for students

Throughout the last two weeks of September, the Make a Difference! Leadership Academy (MaD!LA) Spring 2018 class directed a school supply and personal hygiene donation drive for students attending Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School. They partnered with the school’s alumni class of 1963 to create a wish list and conduct the drive.

Quichavia Lawson came to represent her Make a Difference! class. During graduation, Quichavia said the project was designed to gather community support around middle schoolers, as they are often going through a rough time with puberty and are not as well-regarded as elementary students or self-sufficient as high school students.

Boxes were brought to the school on October 4. Items such as deodorant, underwear, uniforms, bras, notebooks, body wipes and much more were gathered to distribute when needed to the students.

The students of Matthew W. Gilbert are future leaders in our community and MaD!LA graduates as well as Matthew W. Gilbert alumni are delighted to make an investment towards that.

Thank you Sunshine Health for sponsoring the project and also donating supplies!

The Leadership Academy is an initiative of the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition and the Magnolia Project.