KidsWell Florida focuses on children’s access to affordable health care

Child-focused organizations in the state have banded together to form a new initiative focused on improving access to affordable health care for uninsured children. KidsWell Florida is coordinating efforts throughout the state to remove administrative barriers to and ensure funding is available for programs like Florida KidCare.

Florida consistently ranks among the highest states for uninsured children. According to KidsWell Florida, one in eight Florida children is uninsured –more than half a million children in total. Programs like Medicaid and Florida KidCare are affordable options for families — but bureaucratic impediments, lack of knowledge about the programs and underutilization of opportunities to increase funding for the programs remain as barriers to enrollment and retainment.

KidsWell held an introductory webinar on May 30. Listen or watch it on their website. Partners in the organization include Florida CHAIN, Children’s Trust, Children’s Movement of Florida, Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy and Florida Child Healthcare Coalition, with support from the Atlantic Philanthropies.

For more information, visit the website or contact KidsWell organizer Nick Duran at