Internship Opportunity: The Azalea Project

Please email Jennifer Larramore at for additional information about this internship position. This is an unpaid internship opportunity.

Fall 2017 Internship Position Description

Intern Program Assignment: The Azalea Project; The Azalea Project is a substance use prevention program that serves pregnant, non-pregnant and parenting women. The project ensures women have access to optimal pre-natal health care and avoid unintended pregnancy to improve birth outcomes associated with substance use.

Intern School: any, pending affiliation agreement with school

Intern Major: preferred community health, health education, public health, education, social work, etc.

Pre-internship period: August / September 2017 (exact dates will be determined with selected intern)

Internship period:  October to December 2017 (exact dates will be determined with selected intern)

Hours: Intern hours are based on school requirements and availability. Typically, this project requires approximately 15-20 hours per week with preferred availability on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Internship Preceptor: Jennifer Larramore, Director of Federal Programs; Intern will meet weekly with preceptor.

Other Staff Support: This position works closely with other staff, in addition to the preceptor, as the preceptor is not located on site.  Intern will collaborate with Azalea Project Supervisor and staff regularly for feedback and guidance. Intern may collaborate with other interns to complete projects and will have opportunities to collaborate with nursing students and resident physicians.

Training Support: Interns are encouraged to attend Coalition, Board, staff and team meetings, as well as community trainings. Additional webinars and training opportunities will be shared with intern throughout the internship period.

Position Description:  Intern will work on the following project assignments during internship:

  1. Group education sessions
    1. Coordinate and create the calendar for monthly group education sessions, community services and group activities in alignment with the life course model domains
    2. Promote monthly calendar activities to recruit Azalea women to participate in group education sessions
    3. Conduct outreach and create partnerships with agencies to facilitate group education sessions to Azalea women
    4. Conduct outreach and create partnerships to offer free services for women, such as free health screenings
    5. Conduct needs assessment with Azalea women to determine priority group session topics
    6. Create single topic group education sessions or multi-session group education series in alignment with the life course model domains
    7. Facilitate group education sessions at Azalea and other community settings, such as apartment complexes
    8. Evaluate all group education sessions implemented
  1. Community Outreach
    1. Conduct outreach and represent Azalea at community health fairs and meetings to recruit new Azalea women
    2. Conduct outreach to find community resources for case managers and Azalea women
  1. Participant Incentive Event
    1. Plan participant incentive event, including space, collecting incentive items, putting together incentives, recruiting volunteers to help set up and clean up, implementing the participant incentive event, taking pictures and providing a blog about the event
  1. Community Resources
    1. Maintain and update the community resource guide for the case managers and Azalea women
    2. Seek donations for participant incentives, such as food for group education sessions or materials, incentives for group education participation and the participant event, and hygiene products
    3. Organizing and documentation of community donations for Azalea participants
  1. Promotional Project Summary
    1. Create a blog that summarizes the intern experience for Coalition communications department that includes pictures and a description of the projects completed in a manner that highlights the program; will also include a Facebook and Instagram post.

All intern applicants must complete and submit a volunteer application packet, their resume and their college transcripts to apply for this internship opportunity. Once approved, an interview will be held to assess fit for the position. Once selected, the intern must pass a fingerprint background screening to finalize internship assignment. Please email Jennifer Larramore at to express interest in this internship opportunity.