Infant Mortality Awareness: Meet Skyler Bailey

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NIMAM_Logo_2016Skyler Bailey is a participant in the Magnolia Project, a federal Healthy Start initiative focused on improving the health of women before, during and after pregnancy in Jacksonville’s urban core. She shares her experience with the program.

My name is Skyler Bailey and I have been part of the Magnolia Project for a little over two years. I have a 2-year-old, an 11-month-old and another one on the way.

image1I love being a part of the Magnolia family and always take part in the activities and events they have going on. I also take full advantage of the resources that Magnolia offers like case management, health care services and freedom coach counseling. I have been to many of the classes, including Mothers & Babies and Toxic Stress.

I am a part of the monthly group prenatal care classes and receive all of my prenatal care at Magnolia. I also use the primary care services at Magnolia OASIS and was even able to get my husband to sign up for his primary care there as well. I am also currently enrolled in case management services. I love the help my case worker gives me. She helps when it comes to reaching my personal goals as well as the goals I have for my children.

I am excited for everything Magnolia has to offer and will be offering soon. I am especially looking forward to the Magnolia Baby Shower this September!

Being a part of the Magnolia Project is important to me. It allows me to connect with mothers just like me. I formed quite a few relationships that I hope will continue on because it is very important to have that support. I am thankful for everything Magnolia has done for me and my family throughout the years.