Infant Mortality Awareness: Meet Natasha Wright

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NIMAM_Logo_2016Natasha Wright is a participant in the Healthy Families Jacksonville program, an evidence-based support and coaching program that helps parents provide the safe and stable environments children need for healthy growth and development. She shares her experience with the program.

Healthy Families has really had a positive effect on my household. I’ve been participating in the program for nearly six months, but my Family Support Worker Dorinda Hayes treats me like I’ve known her for a whole life time.

She is wonderful, kind and patient. When my family was going through hard times, she was there to support and give me advice in any way. My kids love when Thursday comes because they know she’ll bring them things to keep them busy while we have our meeting. She’s also easy to talk to. She gives out wonderful advice. Even though it’s something you might not want to hear, it benefits you in a good way.

I’m so happy they gave me the right caseworker. I also wish she didn’t have to leave so soon — When Skya turns five, Ms. Dorinda will not longer be with us.