Infant Mortality Awareness: Meet Natasha Jones

Meet Natasha Jones banner (2)NIMAM_Logo_2016Natasha Jones is a participant in the Nurse-Family Partnership program, an evidence-based home visiting program for first-time moms in Duval, Baker and Clay counties that is implemented through the Healthy Start programs at the Florida Department of Health Duval County and UF Health Jacksonville.  She shares her experience with the program and her nurse home visitor. 

Nurse-Family Partnership is a great program. I loved that as a first-time mom, I was able to learn my daughter’s growth, from brain development as a newborn to the toddler stage.

NFP has given me the confidence to believe in myself as a first-time mom. The visits to my home where my nurse and I talk about my child’s development as she grows allows me to understand my baby more. Plus, the questions I have never go unanswered. I would recommend NFP to any young adult who is a first-time mom, who needs help or felt alone like me.

Natasha JonesThe program helped me to set a foundation for how I would like to raise my child by giving good and bad behavior scenarios. It is a program of growth and strength. You are directed in a path that shows you how to grow with your child and the steps to take to adapt the strength to make it.

There is not a day that goes by that NFP is not motivating me as a mother. I had no choice but to succeed, my nurse home visitor wasn’t giving up. Having my nurse in my corner allows me to have confidence and security. I feel more at home knowing I am avoiding things that can harm my child that I didn’t think were a hazard to her. NFP has also taught me to dial a poison center number if my child is exposed to anything.

I have learned a good mother is a mother who tries. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

If I could I would continue the program until my daughter is 4 years old. NFP is just that amazing. You are never judged. You are taught. Most importantly, you are tasked as a parent. There are weekly development goals to achieve that help you better yourself as a parent and a role model for your child.