Incarcerated fathers in Baker County begin InsideOut Dad classes

Fathers in the Baker County Detention Center now have access to a training specifically for incarcerated men. The Healthy Start Coalition began classes this week in partnership with the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Baker County Drug Court and Judge Joey Williams.

“InsideOut Dads” is a unique set of fatherhood modules that include 12 core sessions along with 26 optional sessions to allow the curriculum to be tailored to fit the unique needs of fathers in specific correctional facility or setting. Ultimately, the goal of the curriculum is to increase the proportion of children growing up and the mother of their children with involved, responsible and committed fathers.

The first class started in the Baker County Detention Center on July 11, 2012. The classes started at 8:00am with the inmate completing a pre-program assessment survey and continued until 10:30am with 11 inmates volunteering to attend the training. Other Fatherhood classes for fathers or father figures not incarcerated in the Baker County area are being planned for the very near future.

The InsideOut Dad classes were a strategy of the Baker County Infant Mortality Task Force, a subcommittee of Healthy Baker that meets quarterly to identify ways to impact the high infant mortality rate and poor birth outcomes inthe county.