Inaugural Parents of Preemies Day planned for March 23

The first-ever Parents of Preemies Day will be held March 23, designed to bring attention to the courage and commitment of parents of babies born prematurely.

Each year, about 12 percent of babies nationwide are born premature — 37 weeks or earlier. Babies who are born too early face an increased risk of initial and long-term health problems, including cerebral palsy; lung,hearing and vision problems; and developmental and behavioral issues.

Parents can pst on the official Parents of Preemies Facebook Page ( They can share pictures of themselves and their preemies and their individual stories/

Submissions on the site will become part of the new Hope, Resilience & Miracles banner that will be unveiled at the live Parents of Preemies Day event in Toledo, Ohio. Parents will also opportunity to win several prizes; they will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes for a grand prize and other smaller prizes when they submit a story.

The day is sponsored by Graham’s Foundation with supporting organizations including the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation and Hand to Hold.

For more information, visit the Parents of Preemies Web site.