I am a Healthy Start Employer: Coalition launches new business initiative

A large majority of parents — mothers, fathers, legal guardians — participate in the workforce. Because their quality of life, and that of their child or children, is directly impacted by the support they receive, the Coalition launched a new initiative this month to recognize maternal and child health-friendly businesses.

I am a Healthy Start Employer recognizes businesses that create a culture of health and wellbeing for families. The certification is awarded to employers that work hard to ensure families receive the support and education they need before, during and after pregnancy.

The new program was officially launched January 3rd at the  JAX Chamber Health Council, whose mission is to discover and promote the best practices that enable Northeast Florida Chamber businesses to optimize the health and well-being of their workforce and community.

The Coalition launched the initiative to help achieve our mission: that every baby has a healthy start in life and reaches their first birthday. There are three levels of certification: Bronze, Silver & Gold Certification is based on a self assessment completed with I am a Healthy Start Employer staff. The criteria include breastfeeding support; information & resources; policies; and child care.

Ready to become a Healthy Start Employer? Contact Erin Addington at eaddington@nefhsc.org or 904.447.9853 today to start the certification process!