Help remove the transportation barrier by donating to our minibus fund

Lack of transportation is one of the biggest disadvantages for a family needing to access healthcare, education and other services that will help every baby have a healthy start in life.

The Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition strives to eliminate that barrier with a new minibus that fulfills the vital opportunity to transport our program participants to doctors’ appointments, educational classes and much more.

The minibus will also be an opportunity to alert the community about who we are and what services we provide. By wrapping the bus with our logo, contact information and more, our unique programs will be promoted and awareness will be spread throughout Northeast Florida.

The minibus looks like this now:

And would transform into this with your donation:

Mothers in our programs need routine prenatal care to give birth to healthy babies, a goal of the Coalition that is met through removing limitations and linking participants with resources. This access to services allows our children and families the ability to get the care, education and support they need to thrive. The new minibus will play a pivotal role in ensuring our families are happy, healthy and successful.

We need a total of $6,000 by January 31. We are accepting individual donations and sponsorships from businesses. Visit to make a donation or drop off cash or a check at our administrative office.