Healthy Start Nassau hires former client as new part-time care coordinator

(from left to right) Jamesha Moment, Kathy Allen holding Keaton and Valerie Eldridge 

Jamesha Moment participated in the Florida Department of Health Nassau County Healthy Start program, after learning she had a high-risk pregnancy. As the program was continuously helping her navigate first-time motherhood, she applied and was hired for a position with Healthy Start and is working toward championing the services that helped her baby have a healthy start.

Jamesha shares her client experience with fellow community residents and assures them that staff are reliable and full of resources on pregnancy and childbirth. As care coordinator, she’s learning the ins and outs of the program to better explain the benefits. Healthy Start services are advantageous to the whole community; no one should be embarrassed when receiving education focused on best ways to keep a baby healthy.

Valerie Eldridge, program manager who hired Jamesha, believes that is the beauty of hiring a trusted person within the community.

Complications arose with Jamesha’s son, Keaton, including twisting in his feet after birth. Kathy Allen, Jamesha’s care coordinator, taught her how to advocate for herself and her son by providing her with questions she needed to ask the doctors and much more. In turn, Jamesha does the same for her clients.

She worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant and dreaded going back to the job; she felt it was going to be impossible to give the attention needed to her newborn. Kathy shared the opening for the care coordinator position with Jamesha in a job options discussion. Jamesha is thankful that Healthy Start allows for more flexibility and time to be there for Keaton.

Jamesha provides insight from a former client’s perspective and achieves honesty from the clients because she’s relatable. She is teaching other program staff more about the community they serve, showing them ways to eliminate barriers and improving the delivery of Healthy Start services in the county.

Since having a list of clients, she is taking on a lot of challenges. For example, she has already given Pack ‘n Play® demonstrations to clients to prevent Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUIDs) and plans on going full-time and tackling the issue of women smoking during and after pregnancy.