Healthy Start: Helping moms reach their goals

Chloe Cooper accomplished many things while enrolled in the Nassau County Healthy Start program, like getting a job, vehicle, apartment, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification and more – but most importantly she gained confidence.

“Just having someone to talk to that holds you accountable to your goals is what is helpful with the Healthy Start program. Kim has become a great friend to me, and I don’t want this program to end,” Chloe said about Kimberly Thomas, her care coordinator with the Florida Department of Health Nassau County.

Chloe joined Healthy Start when she was pregnant with her daughter Isabella. Taking care of her two-year-old Aiden became overwhelming, especially when he threw his tantrums. She felt alone. Chloe’s friend, who was pregnant at the same time, was enrolled in Healthy Start and encouraged Chloe to do the same. Now, Chloe recommends the program to every mom she knows.

Healthy Start is a free, voluntary program for pregnant women that offers assistance in finding services that can help them have a healthy baby (i.e. home visits, personal support staff, childbirth education/preparation, parenting education and support, breastfeeding education and more). The services are tailored to a woman based on her needs. Healthy Start is available to all pregnant women and services can continue until the baby turns 1. Moms can ask for a Healthy Start screen at their prenatal care appointments or at the hospital after delivery.

Kim informed Chloe about different community resources that helped her with daycare and other needs, and made sure Chloe was given information to keep her both of her kids happy and healthy. While Chloe gives credit to Kim for helping her through tough times, Kim believes that it was Chloe’s determination and heart for providing for her children that pushed her through.

Chloe’s future plans involve starting work as a CNA and going to college in August 2019 to study radiology.






We are super proud of Chloe for reaching her goals – a happy, healthy mom helps her kids have a healthy start!