Healthy Start creating breastfeeding buy-in around Baker County

Having difficulty when breastfeeding and pumping – especially coming off maternity leave – is a common problem among most moms. Healthy Start Baker County, with the help of a grant from Florida Breastfeeding Coalition, has supported breastfeeding moms through two staff Certified Lactation Counselors® (CLCs) that are setting up lactation rooms for businesses, going into homes to provide individualized care and raising awareness of Healthy Start services in the community.

Human Services Program Specialist Stephanie Bechtel, is a CLC, a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and a Certified Childbirth Educator (CCCE). Healthy Start Care Coordinator Nicole Hedge is a CLC and CPST as well. Through their expertise in specialty-focused topics, they’re able to enhance the services Healthy Start Baker provides to families in the community.

Healthy Start’s able to set up private lactation rooms filled with rocking chairs and hospital-grade pumps and supplies in businesses around Baker County and then award them with a Breastfeeding Employer Friendly Award. So far, recipients include Baker County School District and Florida Department of Health Baker County.


The private lactation room for moms in Florida Department of Health Baker County





The grant also funded Healthy Start advertising through local newspaper ads and flyers in offices of healthcare providers. The plan is to increase community buy-in while improving and increasing breastfeeding rates and provide lactation support directly in Macclenny – all while evidencing that Healthy Start services offer something for everyone.