Healthy Start Coalition trains care providers in innovative group-care model

The Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition hosted a training on August 20-21 for medical providers to expand the services of the evidence-based Centering model of health care to improve the health of women, children and families in our community.

Centering Healthcare Institute is a non-profit organization that works closely with health care providers to offer evidence-based group-based care. CenteringPregnancy prenatal care and CenteringParenting well-child care systems have been implemented across the nation to ensure babies have healthy birth outcomes and families have access to quality care and support. CenteringPregnancy has been utilized at the Magnolia Project for several years. New areas of Centering Healthcare include helping people manage diabetes and chronic disease.

The training has expanded the community’s capacity to offer all types of Centering classes. Fifteen medical professionals attended from four health care agencies: Agape Community Health Center, Florida Department of Health Duval, UF Health Jacksonville and Sulzbacher.

Liz Stern having the class role-play the parts of moms and support partners.

Liz Stern, a consultant with the Centering Healthcare Institute, demonstrated group-care through various training exercises. In one role play, designed to understand the viewpoint of Centering participants, the medical professionals embodied the roles of mothers and support partners at a group-care visit. They also learned the art of group facilitation and best practices when leading group discussion. Liz showcases how beneficial group-care can be when led properly.

The Coalition received a two-year grant from The Chartrand Family Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida to provide CenteringParenting classes and train health care providers on the several Centering models. Their Fund has a deep focus on the wellbeing of children and youth in our community.